Naruone, CBD

There was a history to this place. A couple of friends of mine told me that they'd been reading a blog about some restaurants that serve the best korean fried chicken in town and one on the list was this restaurant.

I still remember my first visit experience wasn't that good. That was because my friends and I kind of got into argument with one of the waitresses because a friend needed a baby chair (which the shop didn't provide), so the waitress kinda went off and pointed at us that the seats (the bench) we were seating was meant for the baby (so the baby could sit in between 2 adults). Oh well, we were halfway eating and of course being pointed at made me lose my appetite quiet a lot.

Anyways, apart from bad service experience, the fried chicken was, is, and will always be the only reason my friends and I visit this place.

Boneless fried chicken ($33)

I've tried almost every single fried chicken dish on their menu. If I had to choose which one is the best, I'd say the boneless fried chicken out loud. Seriously this chicken is the better version of KFC. The skin is very crispy, and on top of that, they're boneless. There's another variant with sweet and spicy sauce, but the sauce is a tad too sweet for my taste.

Bibimbap ($12)

This dish was just a plain bibimbap dish that you could find at every korean restaurant. Consisted of rice, carrots, mushrooms, cucumbers, lettuce leaves, bibimbap sauce, bean sprouts, and fried egg on top; they need to be mixed up first before eaten.

Nutritious short rib soup ($15)

We definitely needed some hot soup in the middle of cold winter, so we decided to order this because it sounded... healthy. Haha. I liked the soup tasted light and was quite warming. There were 2 big chunks of ribs, we found it a bit hard to separate the meat from the bones so not all of us could get a bite of that.

Seafood pancake ($15)

Been to this restaurant a few times, and beside their fried chicken dish, I somehow always ordered this pancake. Well actually, my friends and I would like to try some dumplings, but after being told by the staff that the dumplings were for 2 people, and the picture on the menu was incorrect, we came back to this pancake, again. To this day, I was still confused how come their dumplings cost 12 bucks. lol.

This dish was your average oily pancake with decent serving of seafood. Very fulfilling for 4 hungry mouths.

Overall, I'd definitely recommend this place for their boneless fried chicken (gangjung). Service could be bad especially when the place is busy. Price could also be on a higher side (normal for korean restaurants in general).

(because I love the fried chicken)

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  1. Fried chicken looks awesome but $33!! Hope you got at least a whole chicken for that! - if you love fried chicken, I'd highly recommend Mary's in Newtown! go do your review on that friend chicken (oh and try the mash too)!

    1. I know right! The fried chicken price at korean restaurant is no joke -_-" yea will go there for a review. Thanks for the recommendation nigle! :D



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