Max Brenner Chocolate Bar, Bondi Junction

Max Brenner Chocolate Bar's Front

We were at Westfield Bondi Junction while suddenly craving for some sweet desserts. Went upstairs and saw a Max Brenner joint, and without thinking twice, we'd already stepped inside and got seated.

The Ambiance

I like to hang out with a few friends at Max Brenner because they usually have a wide space and enough seats. Now I think about it, I never have to queue to get seated at any Max Brenner cafe, ever.

The Chocolate Shop Display

Based on my memory, most of Max Brenner joints have a little chocolate shop somewhere at the inside corner. This place was no exception either. Look at those chocolate cubes neatly arranged for display!

Hot Chocolates with Crunchy Waffle Balls ($6 each)

Ordered 3 milk chocolates and 1 dark chocolate. My taste bud still thinks the milk chocolate one is the best.

Tutti-Frutti Waffle Single ($14)

The tutti-frutti waffle is a must-ordered dessert here at Max Brenner. The waffle itself is crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside, with melted chocolate spread on top. The fruits and vanilla ice cream on side are great companions too.

Max-I-Scream Berry Sundae ($14.50)

This was a new menu that I never tried before. It consisted of vanilla sundae, wafers, cranberries, blueberries, whipped cream, and melted chocolate. Really loved this, oh well, those combo won't go wrong anyway!

The Table Shot

Uhh.. I just had to post it because it's too cute to be missed out? ;)

Overall, a good place to hang out with friends and enjoy some chocolate goodness.


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